Saturday, 27th Week in Ordinary Time           

            “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.”

            The power of the Polish Communist state, and behind that the power of the Soviet Union, is what Pope John Paul II faced at the beginning of the 1980s.  But he was practiced in the art of facing down oppressive political forces, having grown up under Nazism and Communism.

            The Pope spoke of God, of sacredness of life, of human rights, of the dignity of the individual – frightening at every turn. His handlers worried about diplomatic repercussions.  As he spoke, the crowds got bigger and more enthusiastic. This went beyond mere Polish nationalism. At one gathering, the millions of people began to chant: “We want God! We want God!”  The chanting lasted for fifteen minutes.

            There was no controlling this power, born of the confidence that God’s love is more powerful than any of the weapons of the empires of the world. There is no chaining the Word of God!

            God says, “My word shall not return to me empty.” (Isaiah 55:11) What God is saying is that his Word goes out and accomplishes his will.  His Word is creative – it creates.  He said, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3), and there was light. So too with day and night, earth and sea, plants and animals, and human beings. When a word goes forth from God’s mouth, it brings into being something that never was: life.  It establishes in you what is lacking so that his life in you can flourish, so that your faith and your relationships can deepen. 

            God’s word is also near to you. Perhaps you long for happiness, joy, peace, healing, or wellbeing.  God’s word can bring it about. He speaks words of mercy and love over your life.  His word can give you a new life and can lead you to a new way of life.

            Finally, God’s word is alive!  Jesus, the Word of God, became flesh, dwelt among us, and overcame death. 

            Nothing can conquer the word of God. So, rejoice in that word today! Read it. Seek its guidance. Invite it into your life, and watch it bear fruit!

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