Saturday, 24th Week in Ordinary Time           

            The sower in today’s gospel parable is a lousy farmer. He is a poor farmer. Why? Because he sows on the path, on rocky ground, and among thorns – which would not produce any fruit for him. A good farmer would not sow good seeds on poor ground. A competent, sensible farmer sows only where the seeds will bear fruit.

            If the sower is an image of God, then God is a lousy farmer. He is too liberal, too extravagant, too wasteful in sowing his good seeds. God keeps showering everyone, everywhere with his grace – including the hardened, thorny, and arid corners of our hearts. This makes me realize that if God were not a “lousy farmer,” his good seeds would not have been sown on me and in me – I would not have been blessed with a wonderful family, with good friends, with the gift of priesthood, and with so many great things – beyond my imagination. Thank God, he is ‘lousy’ in dispensing his grace!

            Thank God, he is a lousy Sower… he keeps sowing the seed of his Word on each of us… even if many times we do not show any interest in his Word – we are more interested in the words of someone else… even if we hardly have time to ponder on his Word – we are too preoccupied and too distracted to do so… even if oftentimes we fail to take his Word to heart – because our hearts are filled with inordinate desires… even if we fail to share his Word and bless others with his Word – we are more eager in tweeting our own words, we are more keen in spreading fake news on social media… even if we fail to read the circumstances, situations, and events of our lives in the light of his Word – we prefer to read horoscope or to consult feng shui… even if we fail to trust him and hold on to his Word – we are more inclined to trust others and believe in their sweet promises…

            No matter what, the Lord keeps sowing on us. Why? Because he believes in the power of his Word… he believes in its power to transform us. And also because he believes in our goodness – which is a reflection of his goodness. He believes in our ability to bear fruits for him. Indeed, God believes in us… God continues to hope in us… that is why he keeps sowing his Word on us.       

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