Thursday, 26th Week in Ordinary Time                       “Carry no money bag, no sack, no sandals…”             Even without taking the instructions of Jesus in today’s gospel literally, the message remains the same: BE SIMPLE! One gospel commentary has this reflection: “Our present generation, very much immersed in the culture of multimedia communication, certainly runs head-on … Continue reading BE SIMPLE


Monday, 26th Week in Ordinary Time                         Today’s gospel reading talks about true greatness. And implicitly it talks about motives for service and giving.             For this homily, allow me to borrow the commentary and reflection of William Barclay on today’s gospel passage. According to him there are so many wrong motives for service. He … Continue reading WRONG MOTIVES FOR SERVICE


26th Sunday in Ordinary Time                        The name of Jesus is one of the things that today’s gospel passage focuses on. John complains to the Lord about someone outside their circle who exorcises demons invoking Jesus’ name. Instead of backing up his efforts to stop this man, Jesus seems to approve of such people performing … Continue reading THE POWER OF JESUS’ NAME