The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

            Every young man has an image of what he considers to be the “perfect woman.” And every young woman has an image of what she considers to be the “perfect man.” This image can be based on experience; but a big part of it is created by imagination. One thing people cannot do is to create someone according to this perfect image. They must search for their ideal person.

            Many of us, in various ways, are looking for someone whom we can love because she or he fits that image – our own image of “perfect woman” or “perfect man.” Have you found such a perfect man or woman for you?

            God, in his creative power and infinite goodness, made Mary the perfect woman according to his own image. It is not exactly correct to say that God does not play favorites. He has a favorite: the Blessed Virgin Mary. He has blessed her more than any other human being or angel. God gave Mary the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception. And today, we celebrate her crowning privilege, her Assumption, body and soul, into heavenly glory. No wonder the gospel has Mary again singing her Magnificat: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord… for the Almighty has done great things for me.”

            The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is our heartfelt recognition and joyful celebration of Mary being God’s perfect woman – endowed with everlasting beauty. Moreover, today’s feast should lead us somehow to a profound realization of genuine beauty – not according to our image but according to God’s. The Blessed Virgin Mary, assumed into heaven, is presented to us as the model of genuine beauty.

            Basically, we can say that we love people because they are beautiful. Such is not the case with God: God does not love people because they are beautiful; rather, people become beautiful because God loves them. It is God’s love which makes people beautiful. That is why Mary became most beautiful because God loves her most. This is all because: God has the power to create people according to the image he has for them.

            People have the illusion that they can make themselves beautiful. They try hard to make themselves ‘beautiful’ – of course, with the use of money, with the help of make-ups, beauty products and services, and cosmetic surgery. But genuine beauty is that which is of God and from God. Real beauty is made by God. Diyos lamang ang makagagawa ng tunay na kagandahan ng tao – tulad ng kagandahang taglay ni Maria. All that a person can do is to reveal or manifest the beauty that is always there. Or at least, one must not allow anything to ‘cover’ or ‘obstruct’ that beauty.

            We should acknowledge that we have been made beautiful people by God. Only God can endow us with genuine beauty. It is something that Dr. Vicki Bello, Dr. Calayan and other cosmetic surgeons cannot give. It is something that make-ups cannot make for us, beauty products cannot produce for us, fashion clothes cannot fashion for us, pogi-points and ganda-points cannot score for us. What we do or get for ourselves does not make us beautiful and lovable persons. It is God’s creative power and infinite goodness that makes us beautiful and lovable.

            May we always live by the truth that we are made in the image and likeness of God. We are, therefore, also an image of God’s beauty and goodness. We must never forget this. We must respond to God’s love, like Mary, by the complete devotion of our lives and let his beauty and goodness shine in us and through us.

            Ipinakita sa atin ni Maria kung paano tayo maaaring manatiling maganda: ang hayaang magningning at tumingkad sa ating buong pagkatao ang kabutihan at kagandahan ng Diyos na taglay ng bawat isa sa atin. Mary has shown us how to be really beautiful: by living a “beautiful life.” What is a beautiful life?   It is a life that seeks contentment solely from God. It is a life that is in perfect harmony with God’s will. It is a life that is full of God’s grace. It is a life that chooses to be totally dependent on God.

            Let the Blessed Virgin Mary, assumed into heaven, be our inspiration to live a beautiful life and become beautiful persons for God.

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