Wednesday, 16th Week in Ordinary Time      

            The first thing we are meant to notice in the Parable of the Sower is the peculiar, prodigal way by which the Sower sows. The Sower scatters his seeds with reckless abandon; he sows indiscriminately and liberally; he plants extravagantly and wastefully.

            Keep that image of the Sower in mind… and let it inspire you. An important ingredient of this image concerns grace. The parable is about God dispensing his blessings. The Sower is an image of God dispensing his grace – in a reckless, extravagant, prodigal way.

            What is grace? Grace is love freely given… love offered without expectation of return. True love gives even when nothing is given back. It is not calculating and measured and careful. It is extravagant and indiscriminate and reckless. This is just the way that God loves. This is the way God dispenses his grace. Indeed, God does not measure out his love; he does not demand a response to it. God keeps showering everyone, everywhere with his grace – including the hardened, thorny, and arid corners of our hearts.

            May we learn God’s prodigal way: that is, to sow our seeds of goodness, kindness, and generosity indiscriminately – to sow them on the good and the bad, on the kind and the unkind, on the just and the wicked, on the grateful and the ungrateful. May we learn to generously share our blessings with others without any recompense or repayment. May we learn to serve and minister to the needy without expecting to be recognized or to be rewarded. May we learn to love without calculating and measuring… to love prodigally and extravagantly.

            Let us end with a prayer: Lord God, make me a good soil for your Word. Make my heart filled with Christ’s presence – shaped and formed by his gospel values, nourished and nurtured by his grace. May I listen to your Word constantly. May I embrace your Word with a generous heart. May I allow your Word to bear fruit in my life: the fruit of goodness and kindness, the fruit of joy and happiness, the fruit of peace and love. Amen.

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