Sts. Peter and Paul             

            We celebrate today the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul. Peter is the enduring rock of apostolic faith on which Christ’s Church is built. Paul represents the dynamic push of faith always reaching out to new geographical regions and always open to new areas of human experience.

            This day in honor of Saints Peter and Paul reminds us that we are an apostolic Church. When we profess in the Creed that we believe “in one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church,” we are affirming our faith that the Church traces its life back to the Apostles and to the Lord Jesus himself. (Joseph Krempa) We say that the Church is apostolic because it is in historical continuity with the Church of the Apostles.

            To be apostolic Church also means to live the apostolic faith. Joseph Krempa has this commentary and reflection: “Just as the Apostles preached and glorified Jesus Christ, so do we.” “Just as they encountered the Risen Lord in the breaking of the bread, so do we.” “Just as they cared for the sick and poor, so do we.” “Just as they saw everything that happened to them as a participation in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, so do we.”

            The apostolic teaching, an essential component of being an apostolic Church, also implies transmitting that faith as the Apostles did. According to the Second Vatican Council, the Apostles handed on the faith by their words and writings, by the liturgies they celebrated, by the lives they lived and by the institutions they established. That is how the apostolic tradition was handed on to us and how we will hand it on the others. (Joseph Krempa)

            As we celebrate and honor St. Peter and St. Paul, let us renew our commitment to share in the mission of the Apostles by propagating our apostolic faith. As we celebrate 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines, we are reminded that “We are gifted to give.” We have received the gift of Christian faith, we are to share this gift by becoming apostles, missionaries, and evangelizers in our own little ways.

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