Friday, 11th Week in Ordinary Time               

            “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth… But store up treasures in heaven…”

            According to G.K. Chesterton, there are two ways to get enough: One is to accumulate more and more and the other is to desire less and less. Would you prefer working to death to have “more of more” but never feel satisfied? Or would you rather desire less, learn to be contented, be happy with what you already have? Someone said, “Life is tragic for the person who has plenty to live on but nothing to live for.”

            We have to open our minds and hearts to realize that everything we own will be gone. It will be taken or wrested away from us – no matter how strongly we hold on to it. One song says it very well: “Dust in the wind… All they are is dust in the wind… Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky… All we do crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see… All our money won’t another minute buy…”

            Why do we so often think that a new car, a new house or a new gadget will make us happy? Often it turns out that new possessions just complicate our already hectic lives. Material things may make us happy for a while, but once their “newness” wears off we can feel just as unfulfilled as before. In a consumerist society, boredom with life acts as a signal to people that they ‘need’ to buy something else. Isn’t that true?

            Jesus knew that material things lose their luster; they can never fulfill the deepest longings of the human heart. Yet, we cling desperately to what we can see, hear and touch. We think that if our sensory appetites are satisfied, we will be also. But God has given us more than senses. He has given us a heart that wants to be loved and wants to love in return. God alone can fulfill us… God alone satisfies.

            Let us end with a short prayer: Father, in heaven, we want to be like your Son, Jesus. Help us to become poor in spirit, as he was, relying only on your providence. Help us to discern our wants from our needs. Amen.

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