Tuesday, 10th Week in Ordinary Time           

            “You are the salt of the earth.”

            What does Jesus mean by the phrase, “but if salt loses its taste, with what can it be seasoned?” How do we lose our taste? How is it that we fail to be the “salt of the earth?” When we enter into our world, encounter people, and fail to truly improve and enhance their lives… when our presence in the lives of others has little or no effect upon them for the good… when our words and actions do not have any significant effect or positive impact on them… we fail to be the salt of the earth. Jesus says that if salt loses its taste “it is no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” This is clearly a warning to us. Indeed, we have a duty to have an effect on the lives of others. We have a duty to enhance the goodness and faith of those whom we encounter on a regular basis.    

            The worst thing that we, Christians, could lose is not our material wealth, not our physical health, not our political power and social status, not our fame and honor, not our job and career, not even our life. The worst thing that we, Christians, could lose is our life of witnessing to Jesus. It is tantamount to losing our seasoning or flavor. It means we are failing to give Jesus to others. We are failing to make others know Jesus more personally, love Jesus more deeply, and serve Jesus more faithfully. We are failing to help others to experience his goodness and kindness, his graciousness and generosity, his mercy and compassion, his peace and love.

            We are meant to be the seasoning to those who face a bland existence. We are meant to serve as preservative to keep the world from going bad – to preserve what is right and good and true. Jesus does not command us, “You ought to be salt of the earth… You should act like salt… You should pretend you were salt.” He says, “YOU ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH”referring to our identity – who we are.

            We are called to make a difference by being faithful to God’s will and by helping to build his kingdom here on earth. We are called to make a difference by witnessing to Jesus.

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