Wednesday, 6th Week of Easter       

            “… the Spirit of truth, he will guide to all truth.”

            St. Nicholas Church in Galway, Ireland, has both a long history and an active present. It is the oldest church in Ireland, and it provides guidance in a very practical way. The church towers over the town, and its steeple is used by ship’s captains as a guide for navigating their way safely into Galway Bay. For centuries, this church has reliably pointed the way home for sailors.

            We can all certainly identify with the need for guidance. In fact, Jesus addresses this very need in his farewell speech at the Last Supper. He says that after his departure the Holy Spirit will play a crucial role in the lives of believers. As part of that role, Jesus promises, “When he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth.”

            What a marvelous provision! What a wonderful promise! In a world of doubts and uncertainties, of confusions and suspicions, of lies and falsehoods, the guidance of the Holy Spirit is needed. We can easily be misdirected by popular culture; we can easily be disoriented by worldly values; we can easily be bewildered by the brokenness within us. The Holy Sprit, however, is here to help, to direct, and to guide us.

            We need the Spirit of Truth to guide us as we listen to God’s voice, in spite of and in the midst of the many noises that disturb us.

            May we hear the truth that our worth and dignity as human beings lie on our being God’s children, created in his own image – not on our wealth, power, popularity, prestige, and social status.

            May we hear the truth that our true happiness is in the presence of God, it is only in communion with him that we can truly be happy – not in worldly pleasures, nor inside entertainment places.

            May we hear the truth that our life’s meaning is in the generous sharing of ourselves, that life becomes meaningful and worth-living only in selfless giving – and not in ‘saving’ it with fat bank accounts or high return of investment (ROI), or ‘saving’ it by having all the comforts and conveniences in life. Only the Spirit of God can lead us to these truths… the whole truth about our existence, and about the way we should live our lives.

            The question is: Are we open to receive the Holy Spirit? Are we letting the Spirit to dwell in us and to guide us? Are we allowing ourselves to be in-spirited and be inspirited? May our hearts be always open to the Sprit of Truth who will guide us to all truth.

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