Tuesday, 6th Week of Easter            

            Jesus, in today’s gospel reading, talks about the coming of the Advocate. Advocate means one who is called to our side as a helper. For example: a legal counselor in a court who serves as a helper.

            In another sense, the Holy Spirit is a special kind of helper who is always with us to help us activate and develop our inner capacities. Moreover, the Holy Spirit is given not only to be with us at our side but also to dwell within us. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not some sort of magic that we can use for our own benefit or advantage. They are a new source of life and power that operates from within the very depths of our being.

            What are some of the ways in which the Holy Spirit helps us? At least four ways…

            First, we become conquerors. With the Holy Spirit working within our hearts there is no obstacle we cannot overcome to grow – whether that obstacle is fear or laziness, vice or addiction, physical handicap or emotional disorder.

            Second, we become creative. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit we discover more beauty and harmony in the world, and we are able to express our vision of this beauty and harmony in creative ways – through arts, music, literature, theater, science, or technology.

            Third, we become compassionate. Whenever we encounter hunger, poverty, sickness, or unemployment, the Holy Spirit prompts us to do something practical or concrete to help our neighbor who is affected or afflicted by it.

            Fourth, we see things with greater clarity. The Holy Spirit dwelling within us opens our eyes to see things from God’s point of view – the shortness of time and the length of eternity; the wisdom of discipline and the foolishness of self-indulgence; the value of prayer and the waste of worry.

            Let us praise God for giving us the Holy Spirit to dwell within us as a helper. With the help of the Holy Spirit we will reach a peak in personal growth and we will be able to enrich the lives of people around us. We will become more Christ-like as the Holy Spirit transforms us from within.

            Let us end with a prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, transform us from within. Make us conquerors, creative, compassionate. Give us a clear vision of God’s will for us. Amen.         

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