Wednesday, 2nd Week of Easter      

            Light and darkness, belief and unbelief, as well as above and below: John uses these words to convey what it means to turn from sin and live according to the ways of God. Jesus came from above and is the light sent by God. Our acceptance of Jesus as Savior leads us to the Father and brings us into the light of God’s love. (Leo Zanchettin) Turning away from Jesus leads to separation from God and leaves us abandoned to a life of darkness opposed to what God wants for his children. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, choosing to live in darkness will evoke God’s wrath.

            When do we choose to live in darkness? Well, our daily choices may show the answer. They may show that we choose the values of the world to the values of Christ – or the gospel values.

            Let us be honest in examining ourselves on this matter… Are we not choosing to focus more on the worldly things than on the things of God and his kingdom? Are we not choosing to conform more to the worldly standards of wealth, power, prestige, status, popularity, and vain glory, than to the gospel values of decency and honesty, of simplicity and humility, of mercy and compassion? Are we not choosing to belong more to the ‘lucky’ people in the world (the rich, the powerful, the famous) than to the blessed ones in the kingdom of God (the poor, the meek, the merciful, the peacemakers)?

            Let us choose to live according to the gospel values thus, have a meaningful and purposeful life, than to live according to the worldly values – of wealth, power, and popularity – thus, have an empty and meaningless life. Let us choose to live a life of humble service and active participation in the mission of the Church, thus, find purpose and fulfillment in life, than to live pursuing only our vain ambition and selfish interests, thus, end up going nowhere. Let us choose to forgive those who have wronged us and be forgiven by those we’ve wronged, thus, have a peaceful life, than to hold on to our anger and hatred, resentment, and bitterness, thus, have a heavily burdened life.

            In one passage in the Scriptures we are told, “I put before you life and death. Choose life that you might live.”

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