Wednesday within the Octave of Easter        

            The two disciples, in today’s gospel story, left Jerusalem – disappointed and frustrated. For these two disciples, Jerusalem is not only the physical place; but, more importantly, it stands for the root and center of their faith. It was in Jerusalem that they came to know Jesus Christ. It was there that they started to follow him as his disciples.

            Jesus was not a psychologist; but he knew the healing power of allowing somebody to tell his or her story. This is exactly the ‘medicine’ Jesus gave to the two disciples who are on the way to Emmaus – he gave them the opportunity to tell their story. This is also what Jesus is giving us.

            Each of us has a story to tell… a story of frustration, disappointment, and disillusionment… a story of loss, failure, disaster, and shattered dream… a story of bitter hurts, anger, resentment, and bitterness… a story of pain and suffering, sorrow and grief. The Lord is giving us an opportunity to tell our story. However, we are not just invited to tell our story, but also to allow ourselves to experience healing – that is, to be healed of our woundedness and brokenness.

            Let us allow the Lord to lead us back to our own Jerusalem – to return with renewed hearts and minds… to return with joy and hope to the center of our faith.

            Let us end with a prayer: Lord God, open our eyes that we may recognize Christ in the opportunities of the present moment, and that we may see him in the unexpected. Make us realize that we do not have to leave the surroundings of our own Jerusalem and go to some distant Emmaus to find Jesus. Lord Jesus, deepen our desire to see you and be with you by spending more time with you in prayer, by listening and reflecting on your words, by receiving your Body and Blood in the Eucharist, by experiencing your power in the sacraments, by discovering your goodness in your blessings, by perceiving your presence in our sisters and brothers, and by being aware of your guiding hand in everything that happens to us. Lord Jesus, you are, indeed, right where we are. We just have to discover your presence with the eyes of faith and simplicity of heart. Amen.

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