St. Joseph             

            Always working in wonderful and mysterious ways, God chose a simple carpenter to be the foster father for his Son. How can this be? A mere man, charged with the upbringing of the Son of God? Much of this is mystery. But we know that when God calls someone to do something, he pours upon that person all the grace he or she needs for the task.

            Joseph was a man of mature faith who trusted in the Lord. Silent though he was, according to Leo Zanchettin, Joseph’s actions speak more loudly than all the sermons, exhortations, and philosophizing of Christian history. At the beginning of Jesus’ life, when our redemption was about to occur, we read about one man whose strength, trust, and humility stand as a sign of the new creation that Jesus would make possible for all of us through his cross. (Leo Zanchettin)

            God spoke to Joseph through an angel in dreams, and every time Joseph heard from the angel, he promptly followed God’s directives. The situations Joseph faced were difficult. On the Angel’s first visit, God told Joseph of Mary’s miraculous conception and that he should not fear taking her as his wife. Surely, he must have been tempted to doubt or to be concerned about what others might think or say. But, without asking for further understanding – without a single question – Joseph acted decisively.

            Like Joseph, we, too, are called to be generous receivers of God’s grace, his power that enables us to obey the Lord. Let us open ourselves to God’s will. We can hear God speak to us in prayer, as we read the Scripture, and while participating in the liturgy.

            Sometimes our situation will be difficult, and we may be tempted to doubt God. But we all have the Holy Spirit, who loves to instruct us in the ways of the Lord. When we do God’s will, our faith, hope, and intimacy with God mature, and we become more able to do the tasks he gave us.

            Let us end with a prayer: Lord God, you love us and have a perfect plan for our lives. In love you communicate your plan to us. We know you have work for us; give us the strength to be your obedient servants. Amen.

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