Monday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time              

            “Why does this generation seek a sign?”

            The Pharisees came forward and began to argue with Jesus. What else in the way of a sign can they conceivably expect from Jesus? They had already seen miracles in every imaginable type: the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the paralyzed walk, lepers are cleansed, and the demon-possessed are made whole. They obviously want something more – something even more dramatic.

            But there will be no sign – at least not the sort they want. “Jesus refuses to give them a sign because the quantity of signs will not remove the scales from their eyes.” “He has made the action of God visible in every deed he performed, and they still refuse to see.” (365 Day with the Lord – 2015)

            Do we realize that we could also be like those people who eagerly sought ‘signs’? We want our life to go well and to not have any glitches or difficulties. So, we also seek signs… We seek ‘miracles’… We seek quick fixes! That is why we need to constantly ask ourselves these and many other similar questions:

            Do I pray more intently and eagerly for my life to be problem-free than I do to find God right there in my problems?

            Do I ask God more often to be successful in my career or profession than I do to be faithful to his will, no matter what?

            Do I put more energy into praying for material and financial blessings than I do to be mindful of living each moment with gratitude?

            Do I look more keenly for extra-ordinary signs of God’s power than I do to discover the ordinary signs of his love?

            Do I still expect God to magically cure my illness and heal my sick body instead of trusting God to help me enter into those struggles so I can grow and change as I experience them?

            What Jesus says to his generation is true for all time. Today’s gospel challenges us to open our eyes and hearts to the signs of God’s love for us.

            Let us end with a prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, help us to see your saving death and resurrection as the supreme sign in our lives. We trust in you and we acknowledge our total dependence on you. Make us believe your words: “The Father knows what you need before you ask him.” May our lives show that kind of trust. Amen.

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