Monday, 5th Week in Ordinary Time            

            “They begged him that they might touch only the tassel on his cloak; and as many as touched it were healed.”

            Jesus’ healing power made him very popular among the people. Many people listened to Jesus because he used simple words and ideas to teach about the Kingdom of God. But more impressive and what attracted the crowd was the loving presence that Jesus exudes. Even by just touching the tassel of his cloak, many people were healed.

            The healing of the sick is a sign of God’s reign among us. It was an integral part of Jesus’ ministry. He healed many sick people… and he continues to do so. This continuation of Jesus’ healing ministry must resonate with us.

            We all need healing… We are afflicted with various diseases, illnesses, and handicaps, that is why we need physical healing. We are troubled by traumatic experiences and painful memories, that is why we need psychological healing. We are burdened with worries, fears, and anxieties, that is why we need mental and emotional healing. We suffer from the effects of sin or sinful ways of living, that is why we need spiritual healing. We need God’s mercy and forgiveness to be healed of our woundedness and brokenness.

            As Christ’s disciples we must carry on this ministry. Though today’s gospel reading deals on the cure of physical illnesses, but we know that healing today encompasses other forms of disorder. We must reach out to those who, for one reason or another, feel alienated or separated from the church. We must seek to heal family members and friends who no longer speak to each other. We must embrace the discouraged and despaired who have lost the capacity to hope. We must energize all those who seek to approach Jesus but have nobody to carry them. We must touch with compassion and charity the poor who are dehumanized by extreme poverty.

            Physical healing alone should never be the focal point of our worship. Healing of all kinds should be the result of the Holy Spirit’s touch on the lives of hurting people – wounded and broken. For any pain and suffering in our lives today, God is still the only medicine.

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