Friday, 3rd Week in Ordinary Time 

            “…the seed would sprout and grow, he knows not how.”

            The theme for today is clearly the kingdom of God and its coming among us. When we reflect on the world in which we live today, one of the basic facts that we must take into account is that the world gives stronger witness to the power of evil than it does to the presence and power of God’s kingdom. Let us not just focus “on the world” in a general sense; let us include ourselves in our honest examination. Is God’s kingdom reflected and seen in our personal lives? Do we really allow God to reign or to rule over our thoughts, our decisions, our actions, our way of living? Do our choices and preferences, our acts and deeds, our attitudes and behaviors, how we use our time, and on what we spend our money show God’s rule in us? Do other people receive and hear the good news of God’s kingdom that comes from our own deep and personal experience of God’s goodness, generosity, mercy, compassion, and love? Are we able to spread the kingdom of God in every area, in every field we enter, in every activity we engage ourselves, in everything we say, post, show, and tweet in social media? Do we give witness to the presence and power of God’s kingdom?

            The fact is, the kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed is not something so abstract, remote, and distant. Jesus says, “the kingdom of God is at hand”abot kamay na! The kingdom of God is here, within our reach, unfolding right before our eyes. It is not something abstract; it is something concrete. It is there in every kind and affirming word given to the discouraged. It is there in every generous deed shared to the needy. It is there in every expression of compassion shown to the poor. It is there in every act of forgiveness extended to the sinner. It is there in every loving thought people have for one another.

            As followers of Christ, how can we make God’s kingdom come? And how can we make people realize and experience that God’s kingdom is, indeed, at hand? How can we make it concrete, better, or relevant in the lives of people? We must always remember that every good deed expands God’s kingdom and brings it to fruition and fulfillment.

            Indeed, we have the power to build, if not a perfect world, at least a better, more Christian one for ourselves and for our children. Again, a single act of goodness, although performed in silence, brings the kingdom of God nearer to realization in this world.          

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