Sts. Timothy and Titus      

            We celebrate today the feast of Sts. Timothy and Titus. They were disciples of St. Paul. Both of them became bishops.

            Basically, a bishop has two main roles: teaching authority and pastoral care. These he exercises in his service of the people. Timothy and Titus exercised this role and task in their respective communities of Crete and Ephesus.

            One of the great laments of the Old Testament and of Jesus is that the people of God seem to be so often “like sheep without a shepherd.” William Barclay, a bible scholar, explains the great importance of the shepherd to the sheep by emphasizing three points: A sheep without the shepherd cannot find the way. A sheep without the shepherd cannot find its pasture. A sheep without the shepherd has no defense against the dangers which threaten it.

            Do we see our relationship with the Lord in this light? Nakikita ba natin ang sarili natin bilang mga tupa na tiyak na maliligaw, tiyak na magugutom, at tiyak na mapapahamak kung wala tayo sa piling ng ating Mabuting Pastol?

            Bigyang-diin naman natin ngayon ang tatlong puntos… Without the Good Shepherd and left to ourselves, we get lost. We should only listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd; we should follow his guidance and direction. Without the Good Shepherd, we cannot find our food and sustenance. Only Jesus can lead us to green pastures and still waters where he feeds us and restores our soul. Without the Good Shepherd, we cannot defend ourselves from dangers. Only in the company of Jesus can we walk in the world and remain untainted by it.

            As we celebrate the feast of Sts. Timothy and Titus, may we be reminded that we are all ‘wired’ to the voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. We were created so as to hear that voice who constantly and personally calls each of us.

            Let us end with a prayer: Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd, I come to you because I want to know you, and I want to be a better sheep of your flock. This can only happen if I listen to you, if I tune in to your voice. Make me hear your voice in the silence of my heart and in the midst of the noises of the world. Help me follow your guidance and direction, in everything I think, say, and do. Amen.             

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