Wednesday, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time      

            We see in today’s gospel reading, once again, Jesus performing an essential part of his mission: that is, liberating people from the destructive powers of evil and sin How? By curing the sick, healing the wounded, restoring the broken. He is, indeed, the Lord who heals what is withered in the person.

            I just hope that we see the significance and relevance of this in our life. It is important to honestly examine ourselves and find out the part of our life that may be becoming ‘withered’. What part or aspect of my life is becoming ‘withered’? Nalalanta na, o natutuyot na, o nasisira na, o nabubulok na, o nawawalan na ng sigla sa buhay? May it be revived or refreshed or renewed by God’s grace.

            I was reading an interesting article that describes the writer’s experience of renewal in faith. I just could not help but connect it to the kind of renewal that each of us must seek to experience. Allow me to share it with you…

            Gradually, the way I prayed began to change. Rather than just relying on the formal prayers I had learned in grade school; I began to sit in the chapel every evening and simply talk to Jesus. All I wanted was to feel his presence and to hear his still, small voice. I dusted off my Bible and began to read it slowly and prayerfully.

            And as my prayer changed, so too did my attitudes – again gradually, over time. Worries and concerns began to shrink. Guilt over past sins melted away. I feel a greater sense of freedom and hope, a sense that I could overcome sin and I could get to know God in a deeper way.

            This was all very new and exciting, but the most amazing part about it was how much life I began to find in the sacraments and more traditionally Catholic devotions. Attending Mass became more than a way of expressing my faith. It became a time to talk with Jesus, to hear his word to me, and be filled with his presence. Confession remained an opportunity to get my sins off my chest, but it also became a time to encounter the mercy of a God who loved me completely and was deeply concerned about my life. The rosary became a chance to think and pray about Jesus’ life and not just another way of praying for other people.

            In this Mass, let us humbly ask the Lord to stretch out his hand and heal our withered faith, heal our brokenness and woundedness.

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