4th Sunday in Ordinary Time                         In the fourth century, among the Desert Fathers one of the brothers desperately wanted to have a wife. All his companions in the community tried to persuade the young brother not to get married. Finally, the young brother did leave the monastery and get married.             Years passed, and … Continue reading BE FREE OF DISTRACTIONS


4th Sunday in Ordinary Time                         There was a movie, titled The Exorcist, back in the 1970s that caused quite a stir. (Perhaps some of you have watched it.) The movie is about a 12-year-old girl who is demon-possessed – displaying strange and aggressive behaviors, constantly swearing, and showing abnormal strength – which are early … Continue reading OUR NEED TO BE EXORCISED


4th Sunday in Ordinary Time                         Today’s gospel reading presents Jesus driving out what Mark calls “unclean spirit” – or, in other words, a demon. This is not the only exorcism Jesus will perform during his public life. The Gospels show him performing many such exorcisms. They were needed whenever an evil spirit took possession … Continue reading SPIRITUAL FAKERY


Sts. Timothy and Titus                   We celebrate today the feast of Sts. Timothy and Titus. They were disciples of St. Paul. Both of them became bishops.             Basically, a bishop has two main roles: teaching authority and pastoral care. These he exercises in his service of the people. Timothy and Titus exercised this role and … Continue reading SHEPHERD