Nativity of the Lord – Christmas Day            

            “And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us…”

            Exactly three years ago, after reading this particular passage for the “nth time,” somehow it just struck me in a new and surprising way how personal and intimate God could get. It is not that it is the first time I experienced him this way. It is just that at that particular time I experienced something new just dwelling on that profound statement. And random thoughts just kept coming. I believe it was pure inspiration…

            Allow me to share those random thoughts with you again.

            “You did not just speak to me, you are the Word who became flesh for me, and dwell in me.”

            “You did not just give me gifts, you became the Gift for me – sharing your very life, your entire being with me.”

            “You did not just feed me, you became Body and Blood for me – nourishing me physically and spiritually.”

            “You did not just love me, you became Love for me – loving me even though I was unlovable and unloving.”

            “You did not just provide for me, you became my Providence – giving me what I really need and what is best for me.”

            “You did not just help me believe, you became my Faith – empowering me to believe what I do not see.”

            “You did not just give me hope, you became my Hope – letting me see the light and expect a better tomorrow.”

            “You did not just make me happy, you became my Joy – making me realize that I belong to you, no matter what.”

            “You did not just guide my steps, you became my Way – leading me to a more purposeful and meaningful life.”

            “You did not just welcome me, you became my Home – allowing me to be myself, without mask and pretension.”

            “You did not just embrace me, you became my Refuge – taking me in when I was unwanted and rejected.”

            “You did not just cure me, you became my Healing – soothing my pain and suffering.”

            “You did not just sing for me, you became my Music – enchanting me with the beauty and goodness of life.”

            “You did not just reform me, you became my Rebirth – touching my woundedness and brokenness.”

            “You did not just help me trust, you became my Security – enabling me to overcome my worries and anxieties.”

            “You did not just give me rest, you became my Comfort – calming my tired body and battered spirit.”

            “You did not just give me company, you became my Friend – helping me become the best person I can be.”

            “You did not just forgive me, you became Mercy for me – taking me into your wounded heart in which Divine Mercy flows.”

            “You did not just pity me, you became Compassion for me – taking my pain and suffering into your heart.”

            “You did not just speak of good things to me, you became Good News to me – bringing the kingdom of God to realization.”

            “You are not just helping me live by, You are the fullness of my life.”

            “And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us…” The Word of God has become one of us… God is with us in Jesus. This is what we celebrate on this Christmas Day.

            We should also always remember this oft-forgotten truth of our Christian faith: Christmas celebrates the Incarnation, not just the Nativity. What we must do is not only to celebrate Christmas by remembering Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem more than two thousand years ago, but, more importantly, to make Christmas happen again today. We can make Christmas happen again today by our efforts to give birth to Jesus.

            We are called to incarnate Jesus by being living signs of his loving presence. We should be an incarnation of his generous love by sharing our blessings, especially to the needy. We should be an incarnation of his compassionate love by showing our solidarity with our suffering neighbor. We should be an incarnation of his merciful love by forgiving and loving those who hurt us.

            Araw-araw ay maaari nating maisilang si Hesus kung nanaisin natin. Every time we show kindness to people, we give birth to Jesus. Every time we practice generosity, we give birth to Jesus. Every time we love without condition, we give birth to Jesus.

            Again, let us make Christmas happen again today… Let us bring the presence of Jesus wherever we are… Let us proclaim the Good News of Christmas by being good news ourselves.

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