Thursday, 1st Week of Advent        

            … like a wise man who built his house on rock.”

            Driving across Katipunan Bridge (or any bridge) demands implicit trust. Drivers assume that the architect, engineer, and construction workers who built that bridge knew what they were doing – that solid foundations were laid and safety was assured (hopefully!).

            Today’s gospel parable of the wise and foolish builders presents us with a choice: To hear God’s word and act on it, or to hear God’s word and reject it for worldly wisdom. Either way, God’s word demands a response from us. We are invited to follow Christ and to find our lives on him as our rock. As the Book of Isaiah says, “Trust in the Lord forever! For the Lord is an eternal Rock.” (26:4)

            God, the Divine Architect, has designed a world that merits our confidence. As long as we listen and follow God’s commandments, our lives will rest on an everlasting rock. Failure to hear and obey means sure ruin.

            Sad to say, some people put their trust in political power and social status, in banks and financial institutions, in investment portfolios and businesses, in educational degrees and diplomas on the wall, in fame and fortune. Building the house of our soul on such precarious or unstable entities demonstrates a lack of wisdom. It is God’s Word, heard and heeded, that gives us graced stability or solid foundation.

            Faith is our option for solid footings. Another choice might be to seek security in savings, investments, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, insurance policies. May commercial ang isang bangko noon na ang sabi ay: “Subok na matibay! Subok na matatag!” Ano ang nangyari sa nasabing bangko? Bagsak! There is another company whose logo is the Rock of Gibraltar. When people say that something is as solid as the “Rock of Gibraltar,” they mean that it is very safe. The company I am referring to attempts to attract customers with the slogan “Own a Piece of the Rock.”

            Financial security is a valid need. So too is spiritual security. Each of us has to decide on what or whom we will build our spiritual security. May this Advent season lead us to a deeper realization and a more personal experience of God’ love for us… so that, in response to that great love, we will want to find our lives on him – our eternal Rock.

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