St. Andrew          

            Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Andrew. Andrew was one of the first four disciples Jesus called – as narrated to us in today’s gospel. But after that momentous day, he let Peter, James, and John take the limelight while he slipped back into the shadows.

            Andrew is often called “the brother of Peter” – but Peter is never identified as “the brother of Andrew.” But when anyone needed something, Andrew was there. Let me mention three instances… In St. John’s version of the story of the calling of Andrew, John the Baptist directed him to Jesus, but instead of going after Jesus immediately, he went and brought his brother. When Jesus started looking for food to feed a hungry crowd, Andrew already knew there was a boy with five barley loaves and two fish. When some Greeks asked Philip to take them to Jesus, Philip went and got Andrew first, and together they went to Jesus about it. Andrew was the “go-to guy” and the “go-between guy.” But he was never a “get-between guy.”

            Andrew is a model for us. Like Andrew, we can play an important role by being mediators between people and God. How good it would be if the only thing that people could remember about us is that we brought people to Jesus! We brought people to Jesus to know him, to love him, and to serve him. We brought people to Jesus as they searched for the deeper meaning and purpose of life. We brought people to Jesus and helped them make their resources available to Jesus – so that he could use them for his mission. As we honor today the great apostle Andrew, let us pray that, with him, we may bring many people to Jesus.

            Let us end with a prayer: Lord Jesus, you have called us all to be your disciples. In your mercy, grant us the humility of St. Andrew, so that we may choose to live in your light rather than be in the limelight. Show us how to bring others to you and to make available whatever you want to use for their good. Amen.

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