Friday, 34th Week in Ordinary Time             

            “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”

            I hope that you can see more deeply into the words of the Gospel and find the message of hope that Jesus speaks of.

            If not planet earth, our world – the worlds we build for ourselves to live our lives with some degree of normalcy and security – at times are shaken – at times are even turned upside down. Those who go through a bitter divorce in their marriage, those who see the breakup of their family, those who find themselves without a job or business, those who are diagnosed with a terminal illness, those who have lost someone dear to them… have their worlds shaken. Our worlds, which we put so much effort into building and maintaining for our peace of mind, are never quite as stable as we would like to think.

            How are we to view the future, especially at times when our worlds are shaken? Joseph Krempa, has this striking commentary and reflection: “The future is not shaped by those who keep looking back to weep over what is gone.” “It belongs to the person with a vision of a better life – having faith and confidence in God.” “The future is not built by those who just keep looking back but by those who look ahead to the new future the Lord has for us who are faithful to him.” Even when our worlds do fall apart – and sooner or later, to a greater or lesser degree, they will fall apart – we have a God who will help us back to our feet and invite us into a new world, where our peace is guaranteed not by our own efforts but by the Prince of Peace. And that is surely the Good News!

            One thing I have realized is this: When you let go of your desire to be in control and start really trusting God and others, and turning your will over to our Father in heaven, he will take care of things… he will take care of you. I have also realized how much energy I was putting trying to be in control of everything. It is tiring… it is exhausting… it is burdensome. But once you have learned to let go and let God be God for you… it is liberating… you will feel relieved. So, to all “control freaks” (like I used to be) my advice is: Relax! Stop thinking that you are the only one trustworthy. And give God a chance! Let go and let God be God for you!

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