Friday, 32nd Week in Ordinary Time            

            As the liturgical year draws nearer to its close, the readings are often about the end of times. They talk about the events and occurrences with the coming of the Lord at the end of time. The day of the Son of Man is described as coming suddenly and catastrophically.

            Well, according to Jesus, it will be catastrophic to people who are too engrossed in earthly preoccupations – eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, building. We, too, will be unprepared for “the day of the Son of Man” if we are captured by our needs and the things of the world, so much so that we ignore God and wander away.

            There must be more to life than these earthly preoccupations. Life is certainly more than the usual tasks and routines and obligations. Fr. Ruben de los Santos, in his reflection in 365 Days with the Lord says it beautifully: “We often get lost in earning a living without finding a life.” “We get swallowed by life’s daily tasks without tasting life’s daily laughs.” “We get lost in our daily obligations and lose life’s celebrations.” At ito ang payo ni Fr. Ruben sa atin: “Live life without taking it too seriously. Enjoy life without missing its lessons.” “Taste the moments before they rush into memories.” “Do not skip the chances or they will skip you.”

            How can we prepare ourselves for the day of the Son of Man? Through living faith in Jesus. As we turn to Jesus in our hearts, he gives us the grace to live for him and to be willing to let go of this earthly life. His Spirit in us gives us the power “to lose” our lives and so preserve them in him.

            Let us end with a prayer: Lord Jesus, make us realize that while we may live in this world and use its goods, they should not have a claim on our hearts. Help us to let go of anything that binds us to the world so that we can live for you more and more each day. We belong to you, and we trust that you will come for us and bring us into eternal life with you. Amen

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