Friday, 31st Week in Ordinary Time

            If we are to value something above anything else, if we are to put our hearts, focus our minds, and spend our time and energy on something… that something must be our spiritual wellbeing. If we are to be worried or troubled about something, it must be our spiritual illness or sickness. We should be very concerned if our spiritual life is not in good shape.

            The dishonest steward in today’s gospel parable is reported to be squandering his master’s property. His master fires him as steward of his goods and tells him to give an account of his stewardship. Of course, the dishonest steward panics, because his life is in danger. However, having realized his dire situation, the steward acts decisively. He designs a scheme and carries out a modus. He acts in such a way that people may receive him into their houses when he is put out of the stewardship.

            Let us make this clear: Jesus praises the steward, not for his dishonesty, but for his creativity and resourcefulness in dealing with his problem. It is not his actions Jesus commends. It is simply that he acts decisively. It is not for his selfishness that Jesus commends him. It is for his assertiveness and tenacity. It is not his squandering and cheating that is admired. It is his prudence, cleverness, and decisiveness.

            Again, this gospel parable is all about waking up from our spiritual slumber and being summoned to spiritual attention. It is a “warning bell” in the night saying: “Wake up!” Wake up, and place God at the center of your life! Establish a deeper personal relationship with God. Wake up, and make your spiritual life of paramount importance! Wake up, and give your prayer life the top priority it deserves! Wake up, and take your stewardship and discipleship seriously! Wake up, and start becoming the person God wants you to be!

            Indeed, our spiritual life contextualizes everything in our life. If you have material wealth, your spiritual consciousness will tell you how to use it wisely and not be enslaved by it. If you have a family, your spiritual consciousness will tell you how to relate to them and bring them closer to God. Wake up! Pay attention to your spiritual life… Place God at the center of your life.

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