Sts. Simon and Jude           

            Today, we honor St. Simon and St. Jude who were among the Twelve Apostles sent by Jesus into the world to continue his work. Neither Simon nor Jude is well known. Simon is not given much attention because the spotlight is often on Simon Peter. Jude is not given much notice because he is often confused with Judas Iscariot.

            One story from our Catholic tradition indicated that Jude was given or assigned impossible cases because he had been infrequently petitioned. As Patron of Impossible Cases, however, he has been magnificent intercessor.       

            It is said that Simon and Jude suffered martyrdom together in Persia, modern day Iran. Simon and Jude deserve honor because our faith is built on the witness and work of the Twelve Apostles. Only the Lord knows the full scope of the work they did.

            Jesus called people to follow him, but not all in the same way. The disciples lived their calling by following him in his mission. Each of us must strive to live the call of Jesus as fully as we can, as faithfully as we can, in a way that is appropriate to our situation. Strive to be the best spouse you can be to your partner in life – by being faithful, devoted and loving. Strive to be the best public servant you can be – always working for the common good and never for personal interests. Strive to be the best parish minister you can be – rendering humble service without expecting anything in return.

            We are told that before choosing and calling his disciples, Jesus had gone up the mountain to pray. Consider what was in Jesus’ heart as he prayed: the hope, trust, and love that he had for the people he would be choosing to follow him and to be close to him. Apply this to yourself: Allow the Lord Jesus to look on you with the same hope, trust and love. Hear yourself being called…called to follow him…called to share in his life and mission…called to serve others with humility…called to manifest selfless and sacrificial love.

            Let us ask the help and inspiration of St. Simon and St. Jude, so that, like them, we may be able to respond to the Lord’s call to each of us – fully and faithfully – from our heart.

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