Monday, 30th Week in Ordinary Time            

            “Woman, you are set free of your infirmity.”

            Two things move me in today’s gospel story: First, the joy of the woman who for the first time in eighteen years could stand up straight; Second, the confrontation with the leader of the synagogue, who loved laws and traditions more than people. The law said that healing was work, and thus forbidden on the sabbath. The synagogue leader and the adversaries of Jesus were so attached to their laws that they failed to realize or recognize that the human person is more important than the ox or ass that they untie for watering even on the sabbath.

            Jesus’ action reveals the humanistic position of God in dealing with matters of law and human welfare. The human person has immense value before God. After all, the human person is created in the image and likeness of God.

            Today’s gospel is showing that the Lord wants to free us from anything that impedes us, restricts us or afflicts us. He does not ask us what we can bear, what we are used to, or what we can settle for. He wants to restore us to our proper stature.

            Perhaps, in one way or another, we are in the same situation with the woman in today’s gospel, crippled by a spirit. We are also afflicted with some kind of infirmity. Be it physical, mental, psychological or spiritual infirmity. Infirmed due to too much troubles and stress. Infirmed due to neglect of our soul. Infirmed due to worries, fears and anxieties. Infirmed due to attachment and addictions.

            “Woman, you are set free of your infirmity.” Certainly, each of us wants to be addressed and be told be the Lord Jesus: “Nelson, Annie, Mike, Jessica, Charlie, Tina… You are set free of your infirmity.”

            I believe the Lord wants to heal us, not only for us to experience physical wellbeing, but, more importantly, that we may see as he sees, to think as he thinks, to act as he acts – thereby, experience fullness of life in him.

            Lord Jesus, straighten me up and unshackle my heart from crippling attachments and paralyzing fears

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