St. Matthew                    We celebrate today the feast of St. Matthew. Matthew is a tax collector. Tax collectors are not looked upon kindly by the Jewish contemporaries of Jesus for two reasons: 1. Because they are collecting taxes for the Romans who have subjugated Israel. 2. Because, just like today, tax collectors are thought to … Continue reading REACHING OUR FULL POTENTIAL


Friday, 24th Week in Ordinary Time                     “Accompanying him were…some women.”             There was an old shoemaker who once had wished to become a priest. But the way had never opened up for him. He was a friend of young student who studied for priesthood. He supported him from his meager income.             When the … Continue reading WOMEN FOLLOWERS


Our Lady of Sorrows                  We celebrate today the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. The principal biblical references to Mary’s sorrows are in Luke 2:35 and John 19:26–27, which part of today’s gospel reading. The Lucan passage is Simeon’s prediction about a sword piercing Mary’s soul. The Johannine passage relates Jesus’s words to Mary … Continue reading OUR LADY OF SORROWS